Roof Top to Table Top

What makes Point Break Café unique? What makes us better than other restaurants? What make us stand out among all the restaurants on Shelter Island and San Diego? Here at Point Break, for the past couple of years, we’ve been roof top gardening several fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Our purpose? To provide better product and flavor for our customers.

For several years now a popular trend in restaurants has been to utilize urban farming, or what’s most commonly known as “roof top to table top” dining. This means growing food for use in a restaurant right on one’s own property, usually the roof top. There are a number of environmental, social, and economic reasons given for this trend, as well as, the notion of living more sustainably. However, far and away, the number one reason for this trend is locally produced ripened food tastes a lot better than fruits and vegetable picked early and left to ripen in a warehouse waiting to be shipped to a supplier.  

Our main focus has been tomatoes. Most anything ripened on the vine will have more flavor than something picked early and warehouse ripened, this goes doubly if not triply true for tomatoes. The very best store bought tomato will not come close in flavor to a local, properly grown, vine ripened tomato.

This year we’ve been growing a variety of tomatoes including Early Girl, Better Boy, Beefsteak, Champion, Big Boy, Celebrity, Sun Sweet, and Cherry Red. We’ve been utilizing these delicious little gifts from nature in a number of dishes and, perhaps most obviously, in our salads. Which makes them the best salads in Point Loma. One highly recommended treat for summer is our Caprese Salad which consists of tomato slices, mozzarella, and fresh basil.

In addition to our tomatoes, we also grow a number of different peppers including Jalapeno, Serrano, Ghost, Super Chili, and Jamaican Red. We use these mostly in our housemade fire roasted salsa. The blend of different peppers makes for a unique and superb fiery flavor.  

Moreover, we grow many different herbs and spices that are used primarily in our seasoning rubs for our roasted pork, beef, and chicken.

When it comes to seasoning, fresh is flavor. Some restaurants out there have questionable gardening practices, we don’t! Everything we utilize on our rooftop garden at Point Break comes from a local nursery. Everything is produced from seed or seedling. The soil is all organic. The fertilizer is all organic and natural. We never use any pesticides on anything we grow. Everything is hand watered. And, lastly, we are a certified approved food supplier by the County of San Diego Environmental Health Department.

This summer make it a Point to take a Break and stop by Point Break for some roof top to table top


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