San Diego Comic Con of 2015!!!

The Comic Con Convention was first held in 1970 by a group of movies, comics and science fiction fans and it was called “San Diego Comic Book Convention”. It originated as one day event held in the summer time that attracted 100 of people. Over the years it evolved into a four day (Thursday through Sunday) event and expanded in space, which now it includes not only San Diego Convention Center but also pretty much entire downtown of San Diego, that attracts thousands of people. Read more about it here.

On the Wednesday evening before the official opening day of the event there is a preview for people that have been registered for all four days. It starts at 6-9pm!!!

The tickets are hard to get and they are sold out in the first 30 min of selling time. If you are not one of the fortunate ones, that got lucky and got his pass, you can still attend the event by just walking around the downtown. There are lots of freebees and giveaways to take home as memorable gift.


It is highly recommended to use public transportation and try to avoid driving your own vehicle. MTS Trolley Service offers special one day rates or multi day pass for the event that will safely get you to destination and back. You can find out more about Comic Con’s Free Shuttle and how to get to downtown of San Diego here.


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